Client Portal Software

An automated web solution, connecting traders to the platform. Available on all devices, ensuring your clients are free to trade and manage their accounts at any time and place.

ForexKit Client Portal

An automated web solution, connecting the trader with the platform. Working on all devices, it ensures your clients are free to manage their account at any time and any place.

A robust, scalable and easy-to-use client portal is essential in establishing and cementing the trust between you and your customers. Increase customer lifetime and provide them with a pleasurable experience from day one.

Adaptive & Responsive

  • Working on all browser sizes including tablets and mobiles

  • Your clients can access the same portal and URL from desktop and mobile devices

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Affiliate & IB Programmes

CRM is combined with Affiliate and IB programmes, as an all-in-one eco-system

  • No need to access a separate system, and worry about data synchronisation/loss – the Forex Kit CRM has it all under one roof.

  • Clients, IBs and Affiliates all start their journey in the same way, by registering a client account first. Because of this, a trader can easily be upgraded into a partner and you may cross-sell a partner to become a trader (and invest his commission into a trading account).

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Appropriateness Testing

  • Configure tests, customisable to the requirements of your regulator

  • Test outcome may determine available margin/leverage or even if a trading account is suitable/appropriate. You decide

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CRM Integration

  • Direct integration with our CRM – there is no need for a separate system

  • As our CRM is web-based, it’s also adaptive and responsive meaning Clients and Affiliates can be managed from your desktop or on-to-go from your mobile device

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Cross Selling

  • Ability to convert Affiliates into investors – keep the commissions in your eco-system for trading!

  • Or, convert your traders into Affiliates. With a common Client account, many documents are already collected and approved when traders move over to be Affiliates and visa versa

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Deposits & Withdrawals

  • Deposits via multiple Merchant Payment methods into the client wallet – integrate with Credit Cards, eWallets, Configure Bank Wires and many more

  • Decide rules for credits and withdrawal limitations, to and from the wallet

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Documents Module

  • Easy for clients to upload documents in a drag-and-drop environment for approval.

  • Back office users can quickly and easily review uploaded client documents as part of a gallery, with notifications when new documents are uploaded.

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Downloads Centre

  • A dedicated downloads area to store important documents, plugins and your trading platforms

  • Restrict access to certain items from download unless the client is logged in to your portal

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Integration with MT5 & MT4 Manager

  • Direct integration with MetaQuotes MT5 and MT4 Manager to view immediate results

  • Apply spread markup or commission to the accounts of your Clients

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Internal transfers

  • Clients move monies from their wallet facility into trading accounts via internal transfers and visa versa

  • Multiple wallets are permitted, such as for trading and partnerships

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  • Simple document drag-and-drop upload centre, for KYC and AML checks

  • Easy and obvious for client what was uploaded and its status with your compliance and back office teams.

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Next Steps Wizard

  • Guide your (new) clients with what to do next, such as validating their mobile phone, completing their profile, taking a test or uploading documents

  • As clients move down your sales funnel, use the wizard to prompt them to make a deposit, download a trading platform and start trading

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Registration Form

  • Features a short, compliant registration form and flow

  • Form can display differently depending on jurisdiction and/or legal entity

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Sales funnel based model

  • The triggers and payments are based around the actual sales funnel you are pushing your traffic, leads and clients into

  • This holistic approach realigns traditional models to one based on more appropriate measurement: instead of “registrations”, you are now targeting opt-in and validated contact data.

  • Instead of “deposits”, and approval status or length of time as an active client or some other measurement. This places the payment triggers in the sales funnel in the best interests of the introduced party, inline with MiFID II directives.

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Smart Verification

  • PIN verification feature to verify email address and mobile phone – forms a critical component of the Affiliate program

  • Ensures the sales and support team always have opt-in and verified contact data

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Transparent Reporting

  • Create trading accounts – live and demo – in a straightforward logical approach, integrated with trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

  • The client wallet system makes moving monies in and out of trading accounts quick a simple

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Unlimited Accounts

  • Your clients may open unlimited Live and Demo accounts, in different account currencies

  • All accounts are attached to a single, unique Client Account

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Video Compliance

  • Cannot meet your clients face-to-face? This poses a problem for KYC checks. As ever, Forex Kit has the answer; video based compliance for a face-to-face meeting using a streaming video or saved video file, accessed via the Documents module.

  • Remain compliant with KYC regulations at all times with this handy feature.

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View trading history

  • A complete set of financial trading history: deposits, transfers and withdrawals

  • Full transparency on trading with logs showing open and closed positions, profit and loss

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Wallet System

  • Recreate real-life digitally! Created immediately upon registration, your Clients move their monies from banks, card providers and other e-wallets into their account wallet. From here monies are moved by internal transfer to the investment trading accounts they own

  • Pay your partners directly into their Wallet. The commission they earn remains in the wallet until a withdrawal request is approved. Imagine if your Partners were also traders…

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