Affiliate Management Software

Remain competitive and attractive, especially to EU based Affiliates and Marketing Partners.

ForexKit Marketing Partners Program

The latest European regulation changes mean tougher rules on governing third parties sending anonymous traffic to your website. These marketing partnerships are of course web Affiliates.

Adaptive & Responsive

  • Working on all browser sizes including tablets and mobiles

  • Your clients can access the same portal and URL from desktop and mobile devices

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Arbitrage Controls

  • Nobody likes Affiliates bending or breaking your rules for payment, and so to effectively combat fraud, Forex Kit has developed unique and proprietary systems using conversion rate (CVR) benchmarks – into which all qualifying leads are measured – to ensure all payments are as a result of genuine business from your partners

  • You maintain full control over these arbitrage controls and settings – and may even create bespoke payment plans for the more unusual Affiliate

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CPL and CPA Models

  • Pay Affiliates via CPL – Cost per Lead. Affiliates may be paid commission before your Leads become Clients, using a robust rule set which guarantees your sales and support teams they are working with real opted-in persons

  • Offer a new type of CPA commission plan – Cost per Action/Acquisition. Once a lead becomes a Client, CPA payments can be triggered at different points in the sales funnel, linked back to a country matrix determining the commission value against the chosen plan and level achieved

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CRM Integration

  • Direct integration with our CRM – there is no need for a separate system

  • As our CRM is web-based, it’s also adaptive and responsive meaning Clients and Affiliates can be managed from your desktop or on-to-go from your mobile device

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Cross Selling

  • Ability to convert Affiliates into investors – keep the commissions in your eco-system for trading!

  • Or, convert your traders into Affiliates. With a common Client account, many documents are already collected and approved when traders move over to be Affiliates and visa versa

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Individuals or Entity Partnerships

  • On-board individuals and corporate entity partners

  • System allows for detailed KYC checking, requesting legal statuses, corporate structures, documents and licences

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  • Simple document drag-and-drop upload centre, for KYC and AML checks

  • Easy and obvious for client what was uploaded and its status with your compliance and back office teams.

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Let the Affiliate Choose!

  • The Affiliate chooses which commissions earned, to “cash out”

  • Each week a payments window opens enabling the Affiliate to choose which leads to cash out per level, per plan according to your settings.

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Many Brands or Entities Under One Account

  • Configure your CRM to handle different corporate structures, with different legal entities and/or brands.

  • Access points may be controlled, and each client in your system is flagged according to the entity and/or brand used to on-board him.

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Plans for Different Affiliates

  • The power of our affiliate program is that different commission plans can be developed to suit a wide range of partner types, from traffic specialists to those generating many clients, and everyone in between. The program comes with four recommended payment plans

  • You may create different affiliate prices per country or tier, the commission allocated per sales funnel level, even adjusting the triggers and threshold settings. Its up to you

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Registration Form

  • Features a short, compliant registration form and flow

  • Form can display differently depending on jurisdiction and/or legal entity

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Regulation Friendly

  • Commission triggers are based on trigger points in both yours, and the client’s best interests: valid data, tests, approval status, account maintenance

  • Maintaining “compliance & regulation friendly” triggers is especially good for your sales and support teams.

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Robust Tracking links

  • Define the source of the traffic, and only allow visitors from those sources

  • Encrypted, tamper-proof tracking links to define the commission plan and source

  • Uses a hidden key to prevent link being used in mediums and on source other than intended

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Sales funnel based model

  • The triggers and payments are based around the actual sales funnel you are pushing your traffic, leads and clients into

  • This holistic approach realigns traditional models to one based on more appropriate measurement: instead of “registrations”, you are now targeting opt-in and validated contact data.

  • Instead of “deposits”, and approval status or length of time as an active client or some other measurement. This places the payment triggers in the sales funnel in the best interests of the introduced party, inline with MiFID II directives.

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Smart Verification

  • PIN verification feature to verify email address and mobile phone – forms a critical component of the Affiliate program

  • Ensures the sales and support team always have opt-in and verified contact data

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Transparent Reporting

  • Create trading accounts – live and demo – in a straightforward logical approach, integrated with trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

  • The client wallet system makes moving monies in and out of trading accounts quick a simple

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Ultra Competitive Plans

  • Competitive and adjustable commission plans, matching and exceeding traditional plans

  • With the control measures in place, you can now offer Affiliates the unthinkable – payment on all traffic and/or at different points in your sales cycle!

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Weekly Payments

  • Opportunity to pay Affiliates’ commission with weekly payments. The faster they earn the faster they reinvest in marketing your brand

  • Gamify your affiliate programme and make it a fun experience to see which leads have moved to new levels and which leads are now pending payment

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