CRM & Бэк-офис

Индивидуальное CRM-решение, основанное на многолетнем опыте нашей команды для работы с крупнейшими Форекс брокерами в мире.

ForexKit CRM & Бэк-офис

Если Вы работали в индустрии ФОРЕКС, неважно, ветеран или новичок, Вы точно сталкивались с CRM.

ForexKit CRM это место, где хранится вся клиентская база данных. Она начинается с места регистрации (электронная почта / контактный номер / подтвержденные документы) ко всем коммуникациям, сделанным впоследствии с клиентом, и вся история транзакций. Абсолютно каждый департамент в компании нуждается в доступе к этой информации и использует ее в различных целях в равной степени важности.

Партнерские и IB программы

CRM is combined with Affiliate and IB programmes, as an all-in-one eco-system

  • No need to access a separate system, and worry about data synchronisation/loss – the Forex Kit CRM has it all under one roof.

  • Clients, IBs and Affiliates all start their journey in the same way, by registering a client account first. Because of this, a trader can easily be upgraded into a partner and you may cross-sell a partner to become a trader (and invest his commission into a trading account).

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Соответствие требованиям

  • One of the most important and busy functions, the Forex Kit CRM Solution makes the life our the Compliance officer a breeze!

  • Simple notifications of changes and a clean, easy interface to view documents and set statuses accordingly.

  • Configure the CRM to your specific regulatory frameworks.

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Модуль документов

  • Easy for clients to upload documents in a drag-and-drop environment for approval.

  • Back office users can quickly and easily review uploaded client documents as part of a gallery, with notifications when new documents are uploaded.

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Интеграция с MT5 и MT4 Manager

  • Direct integration with MetaQuotes MT5 and MT4 Manager to view immediate results

  • Apply spread markup or commission to the accounts of your Clients

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Внутренние Push-уведомления

  • Send messages via email and internally as a push notification directly into the client portal – messages such as upcoming important economic events, new high/low for a financial instrument, or simply an automated message like a birthday greeting.

  • Push notification is also used for sending notes to colleagues inside the Back office function of the CRM.

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Распределение потенциальных клиентов

  • Use our wizard to define rule-based Lead allocation, such as by language or country, “round-robin” or by another method.

  • Assigned leads are then only view-able to the Sales Manager and the assigned agent.

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Множество брендов или компаний под одной учетной записью

  • Configure your CRM to handle different corporate structures, with different legal entities and/or brands.

  • Access points may be controlled, and each client in your system is flagged according to the entity and/or brand used to on-board him.

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Четкое внимание к управлению рисками

Clear Focus on Risk Management

  • Integration with third party verification tools, such as World-Check

  • Simple risk management buttons to adjust client’ statuses, to approve, reject or decline applicants based on their World-Check report, uploaded documents or trading patterns.

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Простой и легкий для понимания интерфейс

Simple & Easy to Understand Interface (GUI)

  • Complicated menus, and hard to understand logic flows are a thing of the past with the CRM solution from Forex Kit

  • We have worked hard to develop a GUI and UX in which even non-technical types thrive, easily finding the information they were seeking, and taking necessary actions.

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Система смарт-тегов

Smart tagging system for quick look-ups and client management

  • Choose from system tags and custom tags to categorise clients as “high net worth” individuals, those in need of a “call back tomorrow” or simply as “hot leads”.

  • Tags are searchable and can be changed at any time.

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Интеграция торговой платформы

  • Create trading accounts – live and demo – in a straightforward logical approach, integrated with trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

  • The client wallet system makes moving monies in and out of trading accounts quick a simple

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Прозрачная отчетность

  • Create trading accounts – live and demo – in a straightforward logical approach, integrated with trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

  • The client wallet system makes moving monies in and out of trading accounts quick a simple

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Полномочия пользователя или роли

Configure User Permissions or Roles, Including cross-brand

  • There are many different departments within a brokerage, and in the same way, different roles within departments.

  • It’s no different within the Forex Kit CRM solution: a user is assigned a granular level user-role, which controls the data they can see and edit – from the Compliance Officer to Marketing Manager, customer support through to CEO, all users are catered for.

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Видео соответствие

  • Cannot meet your clients face-to-face? This poses a problem for KYC checks. As ever, Forex Kit has the answer; video based compliance for a face-to-face meeting using a streaming video or saved video file, accessed via the Documents module.

  • Remain compliant with KYC regulations at all times with this handy feature.

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Система кошельков

  • Recreate real-life digitally! Created immediately upon registration, your Clients move their monies from banks, card providers and other e-wallets into their account wallet. From here monies are moved by internal transfer to the investment trading accounts they own

  • Pay your partners directly into their Wallet. The commission they earn remains in the wallet until a withdrawal request is approved. Imagine if your Partners were also traders…

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Веб-система & Адаптивный дизайн

  • A responsive and adaptive display – may be viewed on mobile devices!

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Отправьте сообщение, и наши специалисты свяжутся с Вами в ближайшее время. Мы предоставим Вам презентацию CRM, Портала и Партнерской программы.

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